Capital Markets for Real Estate Companies and Investment Vehicles

Our structuring expertise, experience and strong partners make us one of the leading providers of capital market solutions for real estate companies and investment vehicles. We assist you with more transactions than any other Swiss provider and offer the broadest research universe of real estate stocks, listed and unlisted real estate funds and specialist sales.

What we offer

Indirect real investment product launch

We are a reliable partner if you are looking for advice on launching a new contractual real estate fund.

Capital increases for indirect real estate investments

We conduct capital increases by taking over lead management, acting as the selling agent and executing the technical side of transactions.


We assist in the process of listing real estate companies and investment vehicles, thanks to our technical expertise and experienced transaction management team.

Other services

We offer support with other corporate finance and transaction management services related to real estate companies and investment vehicles.

As one of the leading banks in Switzerland with a focus on real estate, we are the first port of call in the capital markets.
Dr Richard Schindler
Dr Richard Schindler
Head of Capital Markets

Capital market transactions with a real estate focus

Since 2016, Zürcher Kantonalbank has worked on 33 equity capital market transactions for real estate clients: IPOs, share placements, share buybacks, stock splits and nominal value reductions, plus 45 bond launches. We take a holistic approach and work with listed real estate companies and listed and non-listed investment vehicles.

Selected reference transactions

Selected equity capital market transactions for real estate companies and investment vehicles from 2018 to 2022.

May 2023

Capital Increase

CHF 37m

ZKB: Transaction Manager

Mar 2023

Capital Increase

CHF 170m

ZKB: Selling Agent

May 2022


CHF 192m

ZKB: Joint Global Coordinator

May 2022

Capital Increase

CHF 162m

ZKB: Joint Global Coordinator

Mar 2022

Capital Increase

Helvetia (CH) Swiss Property Fund

CHF 210m

ZKB: Selling Agent

Dec 2021

Capital Increase

Helvetica Swiss Living Fund

CHF 117.5m

ZKB: Lead Manager

Dec 2021

Capital Increase

CHF 103m

ZKB: Sole Lead Manager

Nov 2021

Capital Increase

CHF 160m

ZKB: Sole Lead Manager

Oct 2021

Capital Increase

Swisscanto (CH) Real Estate Fund Swiss Commercial

CHF 49m

ZKB: Lead Manager

Oct 2020

Private Placement

CHF 33m

ZKB: Sole Lead Manager

Aug 2020

Capital Increase

Futura Immo Fonds

CHF 40m

ZKB: Execution

Dec 2018

Capital Increase

Swiss Life (CH) Swiss Properties Fund

CHF 381m

ZKB: Selling Agent

Our instruments and services

We offer capital market services for listed real estate companies and listed and non-listed real estate investment vehicles.

  • Initial public offerings (IPOs)
  • Capital increases (share placements with or without rights offerings)
  • Accelerated bookbuildings
  • Tender offers
  • Fund mergers (dividend in kind)
  • Straight bonds
  • Green bonds
  • Convertible bonds
  • Product launch advisory

Regular capital market updates

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