Swiss Equity Brokerage

Benefit from our experienced team and the access they can provide to an array of trading opportunities, platforms and investment ideas, all delivered with flawless execution. In addition, equity portfolio managers, investors and analysts on the buy side can experience top-class service, too: our experts work closely with our research analysts to disseminate information to you in a timely manner.

What we offer

Equity trading

Access to a host of trading opportunities, multiple platforms and block transactions, all with best-in-class execution.

Investment ideas

We draw on experience, expertise and a strong network to generate investment and trading ideas.

Warehousing for small and mid-caps

One execution and settlement for illiquid small and mid-caps.

Access to liquidity

We provide unique liquidity access to Swiss equities. We offer a wide range of trade match opportunities through SI, dark pools, off-market transactions and other venues.

With my team in Zurich and London, we strive for well-founded, profitable equity recommendations and impeccable execution.
Marco Genepretti
Marco Genepretti
Head of Equity Sales and Sales Trading

Our services in equity sales and sales trading

With a team of 16 experts, boasting decades of experience, we offer a broad range of services relating to equity sales and sales trading. This is the role we play in your personal investment success on the Swiss equity market.

  • Investment ideas and opinions relating to companies and the market
  • Investment recommendations and sample portfolios with track records
  • Research-driven process that delivers crucial investment information about companies in key industries
  • Value creation through a combination of research, in-depth knowledge and experience in equity sales
  • Corporate access for our institutional investors to the top management of more than 200 companies a year, including deal and non-deal roadshows, flagship conferences, field trips, site visits and other bespoke events
  • Major contribution to Alpha Capture platforms
  • Access to investors located in Switzerland, the UK, Austria, Italy, Liechtenstein and Germany. Upcoming markets: US and France

  • Resources and services to leverage trade flows from our large client network
  • Customised execution service for high-touch and low-touch cash equity trading
  • Assistance to boost institutional client understanding of trading events, sector trends and market dynamics
  • Thorough client briefing on our electronic trading services and order handling practices
  • Market-making (currently 40 active mandates) and share buybacks (various SMI and SPI companies)
  • Advice on execution strategy from product specialists in all equity liquid markets, as well as distinctive trading insights, liquidity provision expertise and customised solutions for investment objectives
  • Innovative solutions to access liquidity, including actionable indications of interest (IOIs), automated capital commitment on algorithmic orders and conditional orders for enhanced block-seeking functionality
  • Centralised dealing desk for banks, asset managers and institutional clients
  • Brokering of blocks in small, mid and large caps between potential buyers and sellers, no order book crossing
  • Warehousing for small and mid-caps

Daily and weekly market updates to your mailbox

Our experienced sales team and sales trading team work closely with our research analysts to disseminate information to clients in a timely manner. Receive daily and weekly updates quickly and efficiently, so you can make investment decisions swiftly and, more importantly, precisely.

ZKB Midday Snapshot

We highlight the most important changes on the stock market once a day and show the reasons for any movement.

Download example (PDF)

BlueMosaic by ZĂĽrcher Kantonalbank

Our BlueMosaic quantitative stock model shows which stocks you should buy or sell, based on specific system-based parameters.

Download example (PDF)

Steinfels Update

Every Monday, our sales team shares the most important market updates, macro and micro events, paired with our editors’ impressions and experiences, with the aim of simplifying your investment decisions.

Download example (PDF)

Trading strategies

Learn more about our high-touch and low-touch trading strategies. With our wide range of algo strategies, we enable our clients to execute their stock market orders in the most effective way.


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Access to Switzerland’s elite managers

Our top-class conferences, site visits and roadshows offer a unique opportunity not only to meet top managers and learn the secrets of their success, but also to gain an impressive insight into the companies themselves.

Our events

We hold numerous events in Switzerland, Germany and the UK throughout the year. Save the date and don’t miss out on these opportunities!

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